2 cannot perform fax rx, Cannot perform fax rx -12 – Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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Cannot perform fax/internet fax





Cannot perform Fax RX

Description of problem

Check points


Cannot receive faxes.

Is the power turned on?

Check the Power Switch of this ma-
If a hub is used, also check the hub

Has the machine been
placed in ErP Auto Power Off

If the machine is placed in ErP Auto
Power Off mode, it cannot receive any
jobs. Press the Power key to release the
ErP Auto Power Off mode.

Is the Receive Mode set to
Manual RX?

Change the [RX Mode ]to [Auto RX].
When [RX Mode ]is set to [Manual RX],
receive faxes manually.

Is the modular cable con-
nected correctly?

Is the modular cable connected?
Check the modular cable connection
and, if unplugged, plug it in securely.

Is [Closed Network RX] ena-

If [Closed Network RX] is enabled, the
machine accepts faxes sent from spe-
cific recipients. For details, contact your

Has a wrong SUB been sent
in F-code from the sender

If a wrong sub-address is received with
the Confidential User Box set, a com-
munication error may occur, causing
failed reception. Check the sender side
to see if the sub-address is set.

No printout produced.

Is PC-Fax RX enabled?

When PC-Fax RX is enabled, print the
fax from the Memory RX User Box.

Is TSI Distribution enabled?

Check forwarding destinations for TSI

Is Memory RX enabled?

If Memory RX is enabled, print the fax
from the Memory RX User Box.

Is paper in the machine?

Add paper.

Is paper jammed in the ma-

Clear the jammed paper.

Is the machine out of toner?

No fax can be received if the toner is ex-
hausted. Replace the Toner Cartridge.

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