Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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Before getting started



When carrying this machine, be sure to fold the Manual Feed Tray and hold the parts shown below.


When the optional Paper Feed Unit is installed, be sure to carry it separately from this machine. Also,
do not hold handles (drawers) of the Paper Feed Unit. Doing so may damage the Paper Feed Unit.


Before connecting the power cable of this machine to the power outlet, check that internal components
removed at the time of cleaning have been installed to their original positions.


If your hand is stained by toner, wash it with cool water and neutral detergent.



Before cleaning this machine, turn the power off, then disconnect the power cable and interface cable.
Exercise care not to spill water or detergent inside this machine. Doing so may cause a damage of this
machine or an electric shock.



To move this product, be sure to only hold the parts of the product specified in the user's guide or other
manuals. If you hold parts that are not specified, it may cause the product to fall, etc. while being
moved, resulting in injuries.


If any toner enters your eyes, immediately wash them with cool water, then contact your doctor.


The inside of this machine may be hot. Wait until the surface has cooled to prevent yourself from being

24 kg

53 lbs

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