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Loading the original onto the Original Glass



Loading the original onto the Original Glass

Original available on the Original Glass

Loading the original onto the Original Glass

Using the Original Glass allows you to scan an original such as a book or card, which is not available in the


Open the ADF.


Load the original into the Original Glass with the side to be photocopied facing downward.

% Place the top side of the original at the back, and align the original to the mark at the left rear of

the Original Scale. When loading in a different orientation, be sure to specify the loading direction
of originals.

% When copying a highly transparent original such as transparencies or tracing paper, place a blank

sheet that is the same size as the original on the original to enable clear scanning.


Do not place an original heavier than 22-1/16 lb (10 kg) on the original glass. Furthermore, do not use
excessive force to press down on a book or any other form of original that must be spread on the original
glass. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged or a failure may occur.


Close the ADF.


When placing a thick book or a three-dimensional object on the original glass, you do not need to close
the ADF to scan it. A bright light may be emitted through the Original Glass. Be careful not to look di-
rectly at it. Note, however, that the light coming through the original glass is not a laser beam, and will
not expose the user to related hazards.



Original types

Sheets, books (two-page spread), cards, three-dimensional objects

Max. original size

A4 or Legal

Original loading capaci-

Max. 22-1/16 lb (10 kg)

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