Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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Tap the [Password] entry area.


Enter the password, then tap [OK].


Tap [Login] or [Access] to log in to this machine.

% If user authentication and account track are installed without being synchronized, account track is

required after this. For details, refer to page 9-5.

% If user authentication and account track are synchronized, account track is not required.

If authentication succeeds, you can log in to this machine.


After the target operation was completed, tap [Access] to log out.

% If you do not operate this machine for a certain period of time during login (default: one min.), you

will be automatically logged out.


When a message has appeared to check whether you want to log out, tap [OK].

% If necessary, you can select whether or not to display the logout confirmation screen.

To configure settings: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [User Authentication/Account Track] - [Lo-
gout Confirmation Screen Display Setting] (Default: [ON])

Performing user authentication (external server authentication)

Enter the user name and the password, and select a server to be authenticated.


For details on how to configure user authentication settings, refer to Chapter 2 "Configuring the Oper-
ating Environment of This Machine" in [User's Guide: Applied Functions].


Tap the [User Name] entry field.

% If Public User Access (unregistered users) is enabled, tap [Public User] to log in to this machine.

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