Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

Page 43

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Loading paper into Tray 1/2/3/4





Load paper into the tray with the print side facing down.

% If paper is curled, flatten it before loading.

% To load long paper such as A4, letter size, or legal size, hold the lengthwise paper guide tab, then

slide the paper guide backward to match the paper length.

% If legal-size paper is loaded, the lengthwise paper guide tab is beyond the length of the tray base,

and it may cause paper to become dusty. To protect paper against dust, purchase and mount a
dust cover. For details, contact your service representative.

% To load A6 paper, hold the lengthwise paper guide tab and slide it up to the A6-size position in the

center of the tray.

% Check that the crosswise and lengthwise paper guides match the paper size indicators on the bot-

tom of the tray.

% Load letterhead paper as shown below.


Do not load paper above the upper-limit indicator mark.


Align the paper guide to the paper size.


Close the Tray.

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