Warning, Caution – Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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Safety information


Do not scratch, abrade, place a heavy object on, heat, twist, bend, pull
on, or damage the power cord. Use of a damaged power cord (exposed
core wire, broken wire, etc.) could result in a fire or breakdown.
Should any of these conditions be found, immediately turn OFF the power
switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your
authorized service representative.

Power source


Do not use the power source voltage other than being specified on the
machine. Failure to do that could result in a fire or electrical shock.

Do not use a multiple outlet adapter to connect any other appliances or
Use of a power outlet for more than the marked current value could result
in a fire or electrical shock.

Do not use an extension cord in principle. Use of an extension cord could
cause a fire or electrical shock. Contact your authorized service repre-
sentative if an extension cord is required.


The outlet must be near the equipment and easily accessible. Otherwise
you can not pull out the power plug when an emergency occurs.

Power plug


Do not unplug and plug in the power cord with a wet hand, as an electrical
shock could result.

Plug the power cord all the way into the power outlet. Failure to do this
could result in a fire or electrical shock.


Do not place any objects around the power plug, as the power plug may
be difficult to pull out when an emergency occurs.

Do not tug the power cord when unplugging. Pulling on the power cord
could damage the cord, resulting in a fire or electrical shock.

Remove the power plug from the outlet more than one time a year and
clean the area between the plug terminals. Dust that accumulates be-
tween the plug terminals may cause a fire.

Power cord

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