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Customizing the setting window

You can gather setting items from difference tabs and place them in [My Tab].

Registering frequently used setting items in [My Tab] allows you to change settings in one tab, without switch-
ing among multiple tabs.

This section describes how to edit [My Tab].


Click [My Tab] - [Edit My Tab...].

% You can also register a function in [My Tab] by selecting [to the LEFT] or [to the RIGHT] from the [My

Tab] menu that is displayed by right-clicking the function.


From [Setting Item List], select the function you want to register in [My Tab], then click [to the LEFT] or
[to the RIGHT].

% Clicking [to the LEFT] places the selected function in the area to the left of [My Tab] and clicking [to

the RIGHT] places it in the area to the right of [My Tab].

% An icon appears to the left of each function that is registered in [My Tab].


If necessary, move or delete the registered functions.

% To move a function, select the function and click [Up], [Down], or [Left/Right].

% To delete a function from [My Tab], select the function and click [Remove].


Click [OK].

Editing [My Tab] is then completed.

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