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[Print Functions]



Printer driver setting items


Items common to each tab

The following explains the commonly used settings and buttons in each tab.


Available operations in [Advanced]

[Advanced] is a tab to configure detailed settings for PostScript. This function is only available for the PS driv-


[Advanced Printing Features:] is displayed when the [Enable advanced printing features] check box is select-
ed in the [Advanced] tab of the [Properties] window.


Available operations in [My Tab]

[My Tab] allows you to customize the display contents.

You can gather setting items from difference tabs and place them in [My Tab]. Registering frequently used
setting items in [My Tab] allows you to change settings in one tab, without switching among multiple tabs.

For details on how to edit [My Tab], refer to page 2-17.



[Favorite Setting]

You can register the current print settings as a favorite and recall it when exe-
cuting printing.
For details on the [Favorite Setting], refer to page 2-15.


Selecting [Paper View] displays a sample page layout based on the current set-
tings for checking the output result image.
Selecting [Printer View] displays a printer figure showing the options, such as
paper trays, installed in the machine.

[Printer Information]

Click this button to start Web Connection and check the printer information.
This button is enabled only when your computer can communicate with this


Applies the changes made to the settings and closes the setting window.


Discards (or cancels) the current changes and closes the setting window.


Displays the help for each item in the window.


Initializes the current settings.



[Advanced Printing

Select whether or not to enable the booklet print setting.

[PostScript Options]

Configure the PostScript option setting.

[PostScript Output Option]: Select the method to output a PostScript file.

[Send PostScript Error Handler]: Select whether or not to print a report
when a PostScript error has occurred.

[Mirrored Output]: Select whether or not to print an image in mirror-re-
versed mode.

[PostScript Pass

Select whether or not to allow the application to print data directly without us-
ing the printer driver.



[More Details]

Click this button to display the Help of [My Tab].

[Do not show again]

Select this check box if you do not want to display the comment field contain-
ing [More Details].

[Edit My Tab...]

Click this button to register or delete the functions displayed in [My Tab].

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