Printing a poster-sized image ([combination]), Rotating the image 180 degrees ([rotate 180]) – Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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[Print Functions]



Useful printing functions


Printing a poster-sized image ([Combination])

Enlarge an original image and divide it into multiple sheets to make prints. When you join the printed sheets
together, a large poster is created.

In [Combination] of the [Layout] tab, select "N e N". For example, when you select [2 e 2], one page of the
original image is enlarged, divided, and printed on four sheets.

If necessary, click [Combination Details...] to select whether or not to create overlap margins.


This function is available only for the PCL driver.

Rotating the image 180 degrees ([Rotate 180])

Print an image upside down. This function is available when printing on envelopes of which the loading di-
rection cannot be changed.

In the [Layout] tab, select the [Rotate 180] check box.

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