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Page 88: Specifying the number of copies ([copies:])

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[Print Functions]



Useful printing functions


Specifying the paper type ([Paper Type:])

In [Paper Type:] of the [Basic] menu for [Printer Features], select the paper type for printing.

Specifying the paper tray ([Paper Feed])

In [All Pages From:] of [Paper Feed], select the paper tray that contains paper to be printed.

Enlarging or reducing to the nearest page size ([Nearest Size and Scale])

If the size of sheets loaded in the paper tray does not match that of the original data, the page size is auto-
matically enlarged or reduced to be printed on sheets of the next nearest size.

Select [Printer Features] - [Basic], then select the [Nearest Size and Scale] check box.


Printing multiple sets of copies

Specifying the number of copies ([Copies:])

In [Copies:] of the [Print] window, specify the number of copies you want to print.


In Mac OS X 10.3/10.4, specify the number of copies in [Copies & Pages].



When you print a large number of copies, use of the Proof then Print function will prevent a large number of
misprints being created, reducing the amount of waste paper generated. For details, refer to page 3-22.

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