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[Print Functions]



Printer driver setting items



Available operations in the [Other] tab

In the [Other] tab, you can check the driver version and configure print settings for application software.



[Excel Job Control] and [Remove White Background] are not available depending on a specific environ-
ment or application software.


You can change the [Excel Job Control] setting only when the printer driver setting dialog box is dis-
played on the [Printers] ([Devices and Printers] in Windows 7/8/8.1/Server 2008 R2/Server 2012/Server
2012 R2 and [Printers and Faxes] in Windows Server 2003) window.



[Excel Job Control]

Select this check box to print multiple Microsoft Excel sheets with different
page settings at one time.
When multiple sheets with different page settings are printed at one time, the
sheets may be separated into single-sheet jobs depending on the data con-
tained. This function avoids job separation as much as possible.

[Remove White Back-
ground] (PCL/XPS)

Select this check box to superimpose an overlay image on Microsoft Power-
Point data.
White areas are removed so that the white background of the PowerPoint data
does not hide the overlay image. Clear this check box to print the original as is
without removing the background.

[Thin Line Support]
(PCL only)

Select this check box to perform reduced-size printing. This function prevents
thin lines from disappearing.
This is effective for thin lines such as table borders created in Excel, but not for
thin lines used in illustrations.

[Check Driver Version]

The version of the printer driver is displayed.

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