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Page 12: Microwave operation

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Microwave operation


Microwave cooking

Your oven can be programmed for up to 90 minutes. The input unit of cooking time varies
from 10 seconds to five minutes. It depends on the total length of cooking time as shown
in the table.

Manual defrosting

For manual defrosting (without operating the Auto defrost feature), use 240 W. The defrost
symbol appears in the window display whenever the power level is selected.

Your oven has 6 power levels:


Suggested use


800 W/

Used for fast cooking or reheating e.g. soup, casseroles, canned food, hot beverages, vegetables,


fish, etc.

560 W

Used for longer cooking of dense foods such as roast joints, meat loaf and plated meals, also for
sensitive dishes such as cheese sauce and sponge cakes. At this reduced setting, the sauce will
not boil over and food will cook evenly without over cooking at the sides.

400 W

For dense foods which require a long cooking time when cooked conventionally, eg. beef dishes,
it is advisable to use this power setting to ensure the meat will be tender.

240 W/

To defrost, select this power setting, to ensure that the dish defrosts evenly. This setting is also

DEFROST ideal for simmering rice, pasta, dumplings and cooking egg custard.

80 W

For gentle defrosting, eg. cream gateaux or pastry.

0 W

For standing/kitchen timer.


Cooking time

Increasing unit

0-5 minutes

10 seconds

5-10 minutes

30 seconds

10-30 minutes

1 minute

30-90 minutes

5 minutes

Microwave power levels

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