AEG MC2664E-W User Manual

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Important safety instructions

To promote trouble-free use of your oven and avoid damage

Never operate the oven when it is empty.
When using a browning dish or self-heating material, always place a heat-resistant
insulator such as a porcelain plate under it to prevent damage to the turntable and
turntable support due to heat stress. The preheating time specified in the dish’s instructions
must not be exceeded.
Do not use metal utensils, which reflect microwaves and may cause electrical arcing. Do not
put cans in the oven.
Only use the turntable and the turntable support designed for this oven. Do not operate the
oven without the turntable.
To prevent the turntable from breaking:
a) Before cleaning the turntable with water, leave the turntable to cool.
b) Do not put hot foods or hot utensils on a cold turntable.
c) Do not put cold foods or cold utensils on a hot turntable.
Do not place anything on the outer cabinet during operation.






If you are unsure how to connect your oven, please consult an authorised, qualified
Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer can accept any liability for damage to the oven or
personal injury resulting from failure to observe the correct electrical connection procedure.
Water vapour or drops may occasionally form on the oven walls or around the door seals
and sealing surfaces. This is a normal occurrence and is not an indication of microwave
leakage or a malfunction.

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