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All the recipes in this book are calculated on the basis of 4 servings unless otherwise stated.

Adapting recipes for the microwave oven

If you would like to adapt your favourite recipes for the microwave, you should take
note of the following: Shorten cooking times by a third to a half. Follow the example
of the recipes in this book.
Foods which have a high moisture content such as meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit,
stews and soups can be prepared in your microwave without any difficulty.
Foods which have little moisture, such as platters of food, should have the surface
moistened prior to heating or cooking.
The amount of liquid to be added to raw foods, which are to be braised, should be
reduced to about two thirds of the quantity in the original recipe. If necessary, add
more liquid during cooking.
The amount of fat to be added can be reduced considerably. A small amount of butter,
margarine or oil is sufficient to flavour food. For this reason your microwave is
excellent for preparing low-fat foods as part of a diet.

Mushroom soup

1. Place the vegetables and the stock in the bowl, cover

and cook.
8-9 min. 800 W

2. Blend all the ingredients in the mixer.
3. Mix the flour and butter to a paste and blend into the

soup. Season with salt and pepper, cover and cook. Stir
after cooking.
4-6 min. 800 W

4. Mix the egg yolk with the cream, gradually stir into the

soup. Heat for a short time, but do not let it boil!
1-2 min. 800 W
After cooking, stand for approx. 5 min.

Utensils Bowl with lid (2 l capacity)

200 g

mushrooms, sliced

50 g

onion, finely chopped

300 ml

meat stock

300 ml


25 g


25 g

butter or margarine
salt and pepper



150 g


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