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1. Place the olive oil and garlic in the bowl. Add the

prepared vegetables, except the artichoke hearts, and
season with pepper. Add the bouquet garni, cover and
cook, stirring once.
19-21 min. 800 W
For the last 5 min, add the artichoke hearts and cook.

2. Season the ratatouille to taste with salt and pepper.

Remove the bouquet garni before serving. After
cooking, stand for approx. 2 min.

Utensils Bowl with lid (2 l capacity)

5 tbsp

olive oil

1 clove

garlic, crushed

50 g

onion, sliced

250 g

aubergine, cubed

250 g

courgette, cubed

200 g

pepper, large cubes

75 g

fennel, large cubes


bouquet garni

200 g

tinned artichoke hearts, cut into
salt and pepper

Sole fillets

1. Wash the fish and pat them dry. Remove any bones.
2. Cut the lemon and the tomatoes into thin slices.
3. Grease the oven dish with butter. Place the fish fillets in

the dish and drizzle with the vegetable oil.

4. Sprinkle parsley over the dish, place the tomato slices on

top and season. Place the lemon slices on top of the
tomatoes and pour the white wine over them.

5. Place small pats of butter on top of the lemon, cover and

16-19 min. 800 W
After cooking, stand for approx. 2 min.

Utensils Shallow oval oven dish with

microwave cling film (approx. 26 cm

400 g

sole fillets


lemon, whole

150 g


10 g


1 tbsp

vegetable oil

1 tbsp

parsley, chopped
salt and pepper

4 tbsp

white wine

20 g

butter or margarine

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