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Fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

1. Put some of the fruit to one side for decoration. Purée

the rest of the fruit with the white wine, put it into a
dish, cover and heat.
7-9 min. 800 W

2. Stir in the sugar and the lemon juice.
3. Soak the gelatin in cold water for approx. 10 min, then

take it out and squeeze dry. Stir the gelatin into the hot
purée until it has dissolved. Place the jelly in the
refrigerator and leave to set.

4. To make the vanilla sauce; put the milk into the other

dish. Slit the vanilla pod and remove the insides, stir this
into the milk with the sugar and the cornflour. Cover
and cook, stir during cooking and again at the end.
3-4 min. 800 W

5. Turn out the jelly onto a plate and decorate with the

remaining fruit. Pour the vanilla sauce over the jelly.

Utensils Dish with lid (2 l capacity)

Bowl with lid (1 l capacity)

150 g

redcurrants, washed and stalks removed

150 g

strawberries, washed and hulls removed

150 g

raspberries, washed and hulls removed

250 ml

white wine

100 g


50 ml

lemon juice


gelatin leaves

300 ml





vanilla pod

30 g


15 g



1. Chop the tomatoes, mix with the ham and onion, garlic,

minced beef and tomato puree. Season, cover and cook
7-9 min. 800 W

2. Mix the crème fraiche with the milk, Parmesan cheese,

herbs, oil and spices.

3. Grease the dish and cover the bottom with about 1/3 of

the pasta. Put half of the minced meat mixture on the
pasta and pour on some sauce. Repeat and finish with
the remaining pasta. Cover the pasta with sauce and
sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Cook with the lid on.
15-17 min. 560 W
After cooking, stand for approx. 5-10 min.

Utensils Bowl with lid (2 l capacity)

Shallow square gratin dish with lid
(approx. 20 x 20 x 6 cm)

300 g

tinned tomatoes

50 g

ham, chopped

50 g

onion, finely chopped


clove of garlic, crushed

250 g

minced beef

2 tbsp

tomato puree
salt and pepper

150 ml

crème fraiche

100 ml


50 g

Parmesan cheese, grated

1 tsp

mixed chopped herbs

1 tsp

olive oil

1 tsp

vegetable oil to grease the dish

125 g

lasagne verde

1 tbsp

Parmesan cheese, grated

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