Preparing the camera, Attaching the camera strap, Charging the battery – Olympus FE-3000 User Manual

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Preparing the Camera

Charging the battery

The included battery charger (AC cable or

plug-in type) differs depending on the region
where you purchased the camera. If you
received a plug-in type battery charger, plug
it directly into an AC outlet.

Example: AC cable type battery




AC outlet

AC cable

Lithium ion battery

Battery charger

Charging indicator
On: Charging
Off: Charged

Battery comes partially charged. Before

use, be sure to charge the battery until the
charging indicator goes off (for approx.
2 hours).

If the charge indicator does not light or

it blinks, the battery may not be inserted
correctly or the battery or the charger may
be broken.

For details on the battery and the charger,

see “Battery and charger” (p. 45).

When to charge the batteries

Charge the battery when the error message
shown below appears.


Monitor top right

Error message

Flashes in red

Attaching the camera strap

Pull the strap tight so that it does not come


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