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Color hue

“Taking pictures with colors at the same
shade as they appear”

Taking pictures by selecting [WB] (p. 25)

Best results in most environments can normally
be obtained with the AUTO setting, but for some
subjects, you should try experimenting with
different settings. (This is especially true for
sunshade under a clear sky, mixed natural and
artifi cial light settings, and so on.)

Taking pictures using [FILL IN] (p. 19) fl ash

Use of the fl ash is also effective for shooting under
fl uorescent and other artifi cial lighting.

Image quality

“Taking sharper pictures”

Taking pictures with the optical zoom

Avoid using digital zoom (p. 19) to take pictures.

Taking pictures at a low ISO sensitivity

If the picture is taken with a high ISO sensitivity,
noise (small colored spots and color unevenness
that were not in the original image) can occur, and
the image can appear grainy. The resulting image
is grainier than with low ISO sensitivity as well.

[ISO] (p. 25)


“Making batteries last longer”

Avoid any of the following operations when not
actually taking pictures because they deplete
the battery power.

Repeatedly pressing the shutter button

Repeatedly using the zoom

Set [POWER SAVE] (p. 33) to [ON].

Playback/Editing tips


“Playing images in the internal memory
and card”

Remove the card when playing pictures in the
internal memory.

“Loading the battery and the xD-Picture
card™ (sold separately) into the camera”
(p. 11)

“Using the microSD card/microSDHC card
(sold separately)” (p. 12)


“Erasing the sound recorded to a still

Record over the sound with silence when
playing back the image

“Adding sound to still images [R]” (p. 29)

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