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Using the FUNC Menu (p. 22)

Using the FUNC Menu (p. 22)

Frequently used shooting menu functions can be set with less
steps using the FUNC menu.

Using the Direct Buttons

Using the Direct Buttons

Frequently used shooting functions can be accessed using the
direct buttons.

Shutter button (p. 14)

K button (shooting/switching shooting modes)
(p. 17, 18)

q button (playback) (p. 15)

Zoom buttons (p. 19)

F button (exposure compensation) (p. 20)
& button (macro) (p. 20)
# button (fl ash) (p. 19)
Y button (self-timer) (p. 21)

g/E button (changing information display/
menu guide) (p. 22, 23/p. 17)

/D button (backlight boost/erase)
(p. 21/p. 16, 29)

B button (p. 22)

Arrow pad

Buttons in use



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