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Operating OLYMPUS Master 2

When OLYMPUS Master 2 is started, the
Quick Start Guide appears with step-by-step
instructions for common tasks. When the
Quick Start Guide is not displayed, click

in the tool bar to show the Guide.

For details on the operation, refer to the help
guide of the software.

Transferring and saving

images without using

OLYMPUS Master 2

This camera is compatible with the USB Mass
Storage Class. You can transfer and save the
image data on your computer while the camera
and the computer are connected.

System requirements

Windows : Windows 2000 Professional/


Home Edition/



Macintosh : Mac OS X v10.3 or later

On a computer running Windows Vista, if

[MTP] is set for the submenu that appears
by pressing n after selecting [PC] in Step 3
of “Connecting the camera to a computer”
(p. 39), Windows Photo Gallery will become

Even if a computer has USB ports, proper

operation is not guaranteed in the following

computers with USB ports installed using an
expansion card, etc.

computers without a factory-installed OS and
home-built computers

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