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Handling the Camera


Do not use the camera near fl ammable or
explosive gases.
Do not use the fl ash and LED on people
(infants, small children, etc.) at close range.

You must be at least 1 m (3 ft.) away from the
faces of your subjects. Firing the fl ash too close
to the subject’s eyes could cause a momentary
loss of vision.

Keep young children and infants away from
the camera.

Always use and store the camera out of the
reach of young children and infants to prevent
the following dangerous situations which could
cause serious injury:

Becoming entangled in the camera strap,
causing strangulation.
Accidentally swallowing the battery, cards or
other small parts.
Accidentally fi ring the fl ash into their own eyes
or those of another child.
Accidentally being injured by the moving parts
of the camera.

Do not look at the sun or strong lights with the
Do not use or store the camera in dusty or
humid places.
Do not cover the fl ash with a hand while fi ring.
Do not insert anything into the microSD
Attachment other than the microSD card.
Other types of cards cannot be inserted into
microSD Attachment.
Do not insert anything other than an xD-Picture
Card or the microSD Attachment into the
If you insert a card by mistake, such as a microSD
card, do not use force. Contact authorized
distributors/service centers.


Stop using the camera immediately if you
notice any unusual odors, noise, or smoke
around it.

Never remove the batteries with bare hands,
which may cause a fi re or burn your hands.

Never hold or operate the camera with wet
Do not leave the camera in places where it may
be subject to extremely high temperatures.

Doing so may cause parts to deteriorate and, in
some circumstances, cause the camera to catch
fi re. Do not use the charger if it is covered (such
as a blanket). This could cause overheating,
resulting in fi re.

Handle the camera with care to avoid getting a
low-temperature burn.

When the camera contains metal parts,
overheating can result in a low-temperature
burn. Pay attention to the following:

When used for a long period, the camera will
get hot. If you hold on to the camera in this
state, a low-temperature burn may be caused.
In places subject to extremely cold
temperatures, the temperature of the camera’s
body may be lower than the environmental
temperature. If possible, wear gloves when
handling the camera in cold temperatures.

Be careful with the strap.

Be careful with the strap when you carry the
camera. It could easily catch on stray objects
and cause serious damage.

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