Sharp R-982STWE User Manual

Page 248

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3. Pierce the skin of such foods as potatoes, sausages and

fruit before cooking, or they may explode.

To avoid the possibility of burns
Use pot holders or oven gloves when removing food

from the oven to prevent burns.

2. Always open containers, popcorn makers, oven cooking

bags, etc., away from the face and hands to avoid steam
burns and eruption of boiling.

3. To avoid burns, always test food temperature and

stir before serving and pay special attention to the
temperature of food and drink given to babies, chil-
dren or the elderly. Temperature of the container is
not a true indication of the temperature of the food
or drink; always check the food temperature.

4. Always stand back from the oven door when opening it

to avoid burns from escaping steam and heat.

5. Slice stuff ed baked foods after heating to release steam

and avoid burns.

To avoid misuse by children
Do not lean or swing on the oven door.
2. Children should be taught all important safety instruc-

tions: use of pot holders, careful removal of food cover-
ings; paying special attention to packaging (e.g. self-
heating materials) designed to make food crisp, as they
may be extra hot.

Other warnings
Never modify the oven in any way.
2. Do not move the oven while it is in operation.
3. This oven is for home food preparation only and may

only be used for cooking food. It is not suitable for com-
mercial or laboratory use.

To promote trouble free use of your oven and avoid
Never operate the oven when it is empty except where