sPOD JK Instructions 2009-2011 User Manual

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POD Installation Instructions

2009 - 2011 Jeep JK Wranglers



Remove These

Keep this hole clear!

It is used for the plastic

windshield header alignment stud

On some plastic pieces, you may have to

trim a small amount off in this area

on both sides to clear bracket.

Attach switch bezel assembly to the bracket using
the 10-32 Phillips head screws and lock washers
supplied. Do not tighten until bezel fits snugly
against plastic windshield cover.

Allow approximately 1 hour for installation

Tools required

• Phillips head screw driver.
• 8mm, 10mm, 12mm sockets
• T-20 TORX bit & T-25 TORX bit
• Flashlight.

• Remove the Freedom/Soft top for easier access during installation.
• Remove existing plastic windshield header cover by swinging the visors out of the way and pulling the

plastic windshield header straight out until all 4 clips pop out of windshield frame.

• Loosen the driver’s side visor using the T-20 TORX.

• Use a T-25 TORX to remove existing footman loop from windshield frame.
• Align the bezel bracket over the footman loop and reattach the assembly back on to the windshield frame

with the bezel bracket attached on the outside of the footman loop as shown below.

• Re-install the plastic header back on and snap into place. Tuck the harness behind the plastic windshield.