sPOD TJ 2003-2006 Instructions Center Bracket User Manual

sPOD For the car

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POD Installation Instructions

1997 – 2002 Wrangler


Tools required

• Phillips head screw driver.
• 15mm socket with a 6” extension
• T-20 and T-40 TORX bits
• You will be re-using the T-20 and T-40 TORX screws to mount the sPOD brackets.
• 1 inch drill / hole saw (for harness exit)


Assembly Instructions

• Remove the battery from the Jeep.
• Install switch panel into header PN500-100 by feeding your wiring through the front switch panel

opening and attach switch bezel to header using the 10/32 Phillips head screws & lock washers
provided. Then put this assembly aside for now.

• Remove existing sun visor clip brackets, sun visors and footmans loop using a T-20 TORX bit.
• Note that some Jeeps used rivets to attach footmans loop! So you may have to drill it off.

• Remove the rollbar T-40 TORX bolt on each side to make room for new visor brackets.

Next install the sPOD mounting system using all 6 of the T-20 TORX screws from the orginal sun visor
mounting brackets along with flat washers. Also re-install footmans loop. Or order the later model loop


from Chrysler / Jeep. Or e-mail us, we carry them too.

• Now you are ready to attach the entire assembly to the windshield using the ¼-20 Phillips head screws and

lock washers. Tighten all 4 screws

(careful not to over tighten)

while watching the alignment of the

unit against the windshield. Feed the wire harness out the right hand side while leaving slack in the harness
behind header for easy removal in the future.