sPOD JK Instructions 2007 2008 User Manual

sPOD For the car

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POD Installation Instructions

2007 - 2008 Jeep JK Wranglers



Do not remove the screws,

only loosen them!

Rivet head

Tighten using a 3/8”

socket or nut driver



May have to

ream hole open

Allow approximately 1 hour for installation

Tools required

• Phillips head screw driver.
• Drill motor and a ¼” diameter drill bit.
• 8mm, 10mm, 12mm sockets
• T-20 TORX bit & T-25 TORX bit
• Duct Tape

• Remove the Freedom/Soft top for easier access during installation.
• Place a piece of tape over the defroster duct and/or cover interior with plastic.
• Remove existing plastic windshield header cover by swinging the visors out of the way and pulling the

plastic windshield header straight out until all 4 clips pop out of windshield frame.

• Loosen the driver’s side windshield “A” pillar and visor using the T-25 TORX bit to loosen the 2 screws.
• Use a ¼” diameter drill to remove existing footman loop from windshield frame by drilling off the pop

rivets holding the loop on. Be careful not to drill into loop or windshield frame! Only remove the head of
the rivets! Now pull the footman loop off and push the rivet into the windshield frame to clear the holes
for the

sPOD’s threaded adapter.

• Now feed the sPOD threaded adapter bracket through the windshield rivet hole on the right bringing it

back trough the left hole. Notice that one nut comes pre-installed, leave it on while feeding it through so
as not to drop it inside the windshield frame.

• Now you are ready to attach the sPOD switch bezel bracket and footman loop to the windshield frame as

shown below. Align the bracket and footman loop over the left hole and install a washer and the

10-32 nut on left side. Remove the right hand side nut and install the washer and 10-32 nut on right
hand side.

Threaded Adapter