sPOD 1997-2002 Instructions Center Bracket User Manual

sPOD For the car

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Installing electrical accessories in any vehicle can
be challenging. Add the limited areas to work with
in a Jeep, and it's even tougher. Another thing to
consider is the possibility of causing serious
damage to a vehicle's factory electrical system if
you tie into the wrong wire or circuit. Thinking
twice about that wiring job now? ......Don't, S-Pod
manufactures a complete stand-alone system
that's worry-free and simple to install!

The heart of the system is the Power Distribution /
Relay Center. This box contains the circuitry to
make it happen, six ATO fuses, Bosch relays,
integrated low voltage protection, and an inline 50
amp resetting circuit breaker. The S-Pod package
is "Plug & Play" with high quality Deutsch
connectors, easy to follow instructions and
everything needed to complete the install.

With the S-Pod system in place, you'll have 6
separate circuits ready for your accessories.

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1) Disconnect the negative, then positive terminals and
remove the battery (photo 1).

Photo 1

2) Swing the sun visors to the sides and remove the plastic
windshield header by pulling it outward to release the 5
retaining clips (photo 2).

Photo 2