sPOD TJ 2003-2006 Instructions over battery User Manual

sPOD For the car

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POD Installation Instructions

2003 – 2006 Wrangler



PN 500-300 Clip

PN 500-100

Windshield Header

Tools required

• Phillips head screw driver.
• Flat head screw driver.
• 15mm socket with a 6” extension
• 5/16” socket
• 1 inch drill / hole saw (for harness exit)


Assembly Instructions

• Remove the battery from the Jeep.
• Remove existing plastic windshield header cover by swinging the visors out of the way and pull the plastic

windshield header straight out until all 5 clips pop out of windshield frame.

• Remove the passenger sun visor and then loosen the right hand (passenger side) pillar piece using a

phillips head screwdriver to loosen the 3 screws. “Note” that you do not need to remove the plastic, just
loosen it!

• Install PN500-300 Clips 4pl. where shown in the original horizontal slots on the windshield frame by

inserting one end of the clip’s flange and then angle upward. Use a flat head screwdriver and push clip
flange in until it snaps in place.

• Install switch panel into header PN500-100 feed your wiring through the front switch panel opening and

feed the harness out through the end as required.

• Attach switch bezel to header using the 10/32 Phillips head screws & lock washers provided, slide switch

panel through the opening, align holes and tighten all 4.