sPOD FJ User Manual

sPOD For the car

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POD Installation Instructions

Toyota FJ Cruiser



4 screws

Allow approximately 2- 3 hours for installation

Tools required

• Phillips head screw driver.
• 10mm socket and extension.
• Drill motor + 5/16” Nut-Driver
• T-20 TORX bit & T-25 TORX bit
• Dremel Tool or File.

1. Remove the Source board from mounting plate by removing the 4 Phillips head screws for easier access
during installation.

2. First move the OEM harness out of the way.
3. Mount the bracket to existing studs on the passenger’s side firewall aligning over slots in bracket.

• Use the 4 self drilling screws in any of the 4 available holes. Do not re-mount the Source yet.

4. From inside on the driver’s side, look under dash on the firewall for the steering column and feed the harness
with the white connector through the rubber boot.

Pull white connector through

Run white connector up

through opening in plastic

Plug connector in with

key facing outward