Proper use – IKA KS 130 control User Manual

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If the target value of the speed is changed too rapidly, the machi-
ne will turn itself off automatically. Avoid allowing objects to push
or strike the agitation table.
Even small undetectable damage may result in serious damage
to the motor bearing. Careful handling will guarantee safe work
and a long service life of the machine.

The KS130 basic and KS130 control are suitable for usage in
various attachments for mixing liquids in bottles, flasks, test
tubes and bowls for a maximum supported weight of 2 kg.
It is designed for use in laboratories. The motion of the agitation
table or of the containers placed on it is approximately circular.

For usage in accordance with requirements, the machine must
be standing on a stable, even surface that is as slip-free as pos-
sible. In addition, care must be taken that objects in the vicinty
are a sufficient distance away from the agitator and that they will
not come too close to the agitator while it is in operation.



medium to be shaken from spurting out of the sample vessels.
All accessories and vessels in place for the shaking process must
be firmly secured.
Shaking vessels which are not properly secured could get dama-
ged or be projected out, thus causing injury. It is essential to regu-
larly check that the vessels to be shaken and the attachments are
firmly secured, especially before using the appliance again.

If you notice that the device is not running smoothly, the speed
must always be reduced until no more uneveness occurs in the
Because of improper loading and the position of the center of
gravity, dynamic forces may arise during the agitation process
that cause the shaker to move about on the table. For limits on
the load or the weight placed on the agitation table at high sha-
king frequencies, please refer to the diagram in the section
„Weight placed on the table“ (just before the list of spare parts).

After an interruption in the power supply during an agitation pro-
cedure, the device will not start running again by itself.

Additional hazards to the user may occur if inflammable materials
are used during the shaking operation.
Furthermore, the shaking unit may only be used to stir those
materials or material mixtures that the user knows will not react
dangerously to the extra energy produced by the stirring. This also
applies to extra energy by means of solar radiation during the sha-
king procedure.

The shaker may not been used in explosive atmospheres, for
mixing dangerous substances or under water.

Accessories may only be assembled once the plug has been dis-

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is
operated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended
by the manufacturer or if the appliance is operated improperly,
contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The original IKA cable layout must be restored following servi-

Proper use

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