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Attachments recommended by IKA must be connected to the
agitation table to ensure safe and secure operation. in addition ,
the usable weight and speed ranges shown in the diagrams (hat-
ched areas) must not be exceeded.

AS 130.1 Universal attachment
Universal, steplessly adjustable clamping cylinders make it posi-
ble to adjust to any container shape.

The universal attachment consists of:
AS 1.30 basic suspension


Dimension WxHxD

AS 1.5 fastening screw


in mm

AS 1.31 clamping cylinder


260 x 90 x 235

ATTENTION: The base suspension of the universal attachment
is secured in place by four lateral clamping screwson the agitati-
on table.

AS 130.2 Holding bracket adapter
With additional holding brackets (AS2.1, AS2.2, AS2.3, AS2.4
and AS2.5) the holding bracket adapter is suitable foe working
with round flasks, measuring flasks and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Recommended / maximum fitting
AS 2.1 Holding bracket

12 / 12

Dimension WxHxD

AS 2.2 Holding bracket

8 / 9

in mm

AS 2.3 Holding bracket

5 / 8

230 x 24 x 235

AS 2.4 Holding bracket

4 / 4

AS 2.5 Holding bracket

2 / 4

ATTENTION! The holding bracket adapter is secured in place
by four lateral clamping screws on the agitation table.

AS 130.3 Dish attachment
For gentle agitation at low speed, for example for Petri dishes or
culture flasks. The dish attachments is equipped with an anti-slip
sheet that prevents the dish from moving around during the agi-
tation process.

Dimension WxHxD
in mm
420 x 33 x 270

ATTENTION! The dish attachment is secured in place by four
lateral clamping screws on the agitation table.

AS 130.4 Reactant glass adapter
For intensive agitation of tubes, reactent bottles, cuvettes and
centrifuge tubes. Clamping range from ø10mm to ø16mm for a
maximum of 64 tubes.

Dimension WxHxD
in mm
228 x 95 x 234

ATTENTION! The reactent glass adapter is secured in place by
four lateral clamping screws on the agitation table.

After vessels with a large diameter have been agitated for a long
time and the equipment is readjusted for vessels with a smaller
diameter, the clamping straps must be bent back carefully to
ensure that they clamp securely.

In order to ensure safe and secure operation, the agitator must
only be operated within the range of usable weight and speed
(see diagram - hatched area). Please make certain that the hol-
ding surface on which the agitator is placed is clean and level.
Otherwise the working range shown in the diagram (the hatched
area) cannot be used.

If the agitator is screwed together with an adjacent piece of
equipment (i.e. if it is integrated into a system) it should be noted
during operation that dynamic forces may arise as a result of
unfavorable loading circumstances and the position of the center
of gravity. This may cause the adjacent equipment to vibrate or
may cause the table to vibrate uncontrollably. If you notice that
the device is running unevenly, the speed must in any case be
reduced until the running irregularities no longer occur.
Make certain that individual agitation vessels are placed in the
middle of the agitation table and multiple agitation vessels are




Supported weight (load)

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