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front plate or the main switch on the back right side of the device using
the maximum total weight of 3.1 kg.

The evaporating flask is lifted out of the heating bath.

When using for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, proceed
as follows: use the motor to move the lift several times to the top and
bottom positions by pressing the lift function keys prior to interrupting
the power supply.

Note: Switching off and disconnecting the power supply shows a delay
compared to switching off using the "Power" switch on the front panel.

If the safety lift is not working, please contact the IKA


Service depart-


For the evaporating equipment (evaporating flask plus contents), the ma-
ximum permissible weight is 3.0 kg! With larger loads there is the risk of
broken glass on the steam pipe!
Ensure that the safety lift has been powered down.
When working with large loads, always use low speeds. Unbalanced
loads can result in a broken steam pipe!

• Removable parts must be refitted to the appliance to prevent the infil-

tration of foreign objects, liquids etc..

• Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and impacts.

Safety lift
When the device is switched off or the power supply disconnected, the
internal safety lift removes the evaporating flask from the heating bath.
When the safety lift is powered off, it is designed for a maximum total
weight (glassware and solvent) of 3.1 kg.

Sample calculation of total weight with vertical glassware and a 1 litre
Condenser + receiving flask + evaporating flask + consumables =
1200 g + 400 g + 280 g + 100 g = 1980 g

Maximum solvent load = 3100 g – 1980 g = 1320 g
Due to the design, the safety lift cannot be guaranteed for higher loads!

When using other types of condensers such as dry ice or intensive con-
densers as well as when using return distillation distributors with slip-on
condensers, it may be necessary to reduce the load by the added weight
of the glass apparatus.
Thus, prior to distillation, check whether the lift goes up without power
when laden with the glassware and distillation material.

The safety lift must be checked daily prior to operation. Use the motor
to move the lift to the lowest position and press the "Power" key on the

For protection of the equipment
• The voltage stated on the type plate must correspond to the mains


• Socket must be earthed (protective ground contact).
• The appliance may only be opened by experts.

Correct use

• Range of use

- Laboratories

- Schools

- Pharmacies

- Universities

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is ope-
rated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended by the
manufacturer or if the appliance is operated improperly contrary to the
manufacturer’s specifi cations or if the appliance or the printed circuit
board are modifi ed by third parties.

• Use

Together with the accessories recommended by IKA


, the device is

suitable for:

- quick and gentle distillation of liquids
- evaporation of solutions and suspensions
- crystallisation, synthesis or cleaning of fine chemicals
- drying of powder and granulate material
- recycling of solvents

Mode of operation: Tabletop device

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