Unpacking, Useful information – IKA RV 10 digital FLEX User Manual

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• Unpacking

- Please unpack the device carefully

- In the case of any damage a fact report must be sent immediately

(post, rail or forwarder)

• Delivery scope

see table

RV 10 basic V


x x

x x x x x

RV 10 b

asic V


x x x x x x x x

RV 10 b

asic D x x x x x x x x

RV 10 b

asic DC

x x x x x x x x

RV 10 digital V

x x x

x x x x x

RV 10 digital VC

x x


x x x x x

RV 10 d

igital D x x x x x x x x

RV 10 digital DC

x x

x x x x x x

Drive RV 10 basic

Drive RV 10 digital

Heating bath HB 10

Vertical glasswar

e RV 10.1

Vertical glasswar

e RV 10.10 coated

Diagonal Glasswar

e RV 10.2

Diagonal Glasswar

e RV 10.20 coated


oulff bottle



Cooler locking device, compl.

Ring spanner


ating instructions

Useful information

Speed, temperature, piston size and system pressure all affect the eva-
porator air capacity.
The optimum capacity of the flow-through condenser is approx. 60%.

This corresponds to condensation on approx. 2/3 of the cooling coil.
With larger capacities there is the risk that the uncondensed solvent va-
pour will be extracted.
The device is equipped with a piston-operated safety mechanism. The
glass apparatus may contain a vacuum following interruption to the po-
wer supply; vent the system before switching back on. If the power cuts
out, the evaporator piston is automatically lifted out of the heating bath
by an integrated gas spring.
CAUTION! The safety lift must be checked daily prior to operation. For

more information see the section entitled "Safety Instructions - Safety

Distillation is a thermal separating process for liquid compounds based
on substance-specific, pressure-dependent boiling points through evapo-
ration and subsequent condensation.
The boiling point temperature decreases with decreasing external pressu-
re which means that work is usually done under reduced pressure. In this
way the heating bath can be maintained at a constant temperature (e.g.
60 °C). Using the vacuum, the boiling point is set with a steam tempe-
rature of approx. 40 °C. The cooling water for the condensation cooler
should not be warmer than 20 °C (60-40-20 rule).
A chemical resistant membrane pump with a vacuum controller should
be used to create the vacuum. The pump is protected from solvent resi-
due by the addition of a Woulff bottle and/or a vacuum separator.
Working with a jet pump to create a vacuum can only be recommended
to a limited extent as the solvents may contaminate the environment
when using these systems.

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