Maintenance and cleaning – IKA RV 10 digital FLEX User Manual

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Check that the limit stop is functioning properly:

Lower the lift by holding down the “ ” key.

The drive stops automatically when the preset desired lower end po-

sition has been reached.

Move the drive back to the upper position.

To activate the safety lift following a long period of inactivity, use the
motor to move the lift to the top or bottom position several times prior
to starting distillation. (See the section entitled Safety Instructions - Sa-
fety Lift)!

Filling the evaporator piston

Prior to filling the evaporator piston, a vacuum controller is used to regu-
late the glass apparatus to the target pressure.

Now fill the evaporator piston using the backfeed line.

Due to the vacuum present, the solvent is suctioned into the evapo-

rator piston. This enables you to keep solvent loss due to suctioning
to a minimum.

You can also fill the evaporator piston manually prior to creating the

vacuum. The evaporator piston should not be filled more than half its

Note: Caution! The maximum allowed load (evaporator piston and

contents) is 3 kg.

Setting up the heating bath

Refer also to the operating instructions for the heating bath IKA


HB 10!

Move the lift to the bottom position and check the position of the

heating bath in relation to the evaporator piston. When using larger
evaporator pistons (2 or 3 litres) or depending on the angle of the
rotation drive, you can move the heating bath 50 mm to the right.

Fill the heating bath with the tempering medium until the evaporator

piston is surrounded by tempering medium to 2/3 of its volume.

Switch on the rotation drive and slowly increase the speed

Note: Avoid creating waves.

Switch on the heating bath using the main on/off switch.

Note: Avoid stress on the glass due to different evaporator piston and
heating bath temperatures when lowering the evaporator piston into
the heating bath!

Note: If non-original accessories are used that are not supplied by IKA



then it is possible that the 50 mm travel range provided by the heating
bath will not be sufficient. This applies in particular when using 3 L eva-
porator flasks with foam brake.
Use the IKA


RV 10.3000 mounting plate to extend the heating bath

travel range by 150 mm.

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Maintenance and cleaning

The device is maintenance-free. It is subject only to the natural wear and
tear of components and their statistical failure rate.

The seal on the glass condenser should be checked at regular intervals
and replaced if necessary.

For cleaning disconnect the main plug.

To clean the device use only water with a detergent that contains tensi-
des, or use isopropylalcohol for stubborn soiling.

Safety lift
The safety lift must be checked daily prior to operation!
After a long period of inactivity (approx. four weeks), use the motor to
move the lift to the top or bottom position several times prior to starting
distillation. (See the section entitled Safety Instructions - Safety Lift)! If the
safety lift is not working, please contact the IKA® Service department.

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