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Setting up

Remove the clamping device for the angle setting of the rotation drive

on the right side of the lift by rotating the knurled screw counter clock-
wise (by lightly pressing and turning at the same time, the knurled
screw comes out farther).

Set the drive at an angle of approx. 30° (Fig. 7).

Then secure the rotation drive from being accidentally turned by tigh-

tening the knurled screw in a clockwise direction.

Heating bath HB 10

Caution! Refer to the chapter entitled "Commissioning" in the heating

bath instruction manual!

Place the heating bath on the stand of the rotation drive and push it

into the left position (Fig. 8).

Note: Data is exchanged between the drive unit and the heating bath by
means of an infrared link (F). Please note that reliable communication is
only guaranteed when the infrared beam has clear line-of-sight to the


Open the locking device of the steam pipe by turning it 60° counter

clockwise (D), (fig. 9).

Drive RV 10 basic/digtal

Caution! Loosen transportation lock (Fig. 4a)!

Hold the lift with your hand and remove the thumb screw on the back

of the appliance (A).

Once the transportation lock has been removed, the lift moves slowly

to its upper end position. The distance is approx. 140 mm.

Connect the device to the power supply (B) using the supplied power

cord (B).

Adjustable base (Fig. 4b)

Mounting the Woulff bottle (Fig. 5)

Fit the hose connecting piece (C) on the left side of the lift.

Mount the holder (D) onto the hose connecting piece (C).

Insert the bottle and attach the supplied hose connectors to the bottle

(Fig. 6).

Fig. 4a

Fig. 4b





Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Fig. 9

Fig. 5

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