Hose system – IKA RV 10 digital FLEX User Manual

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Hose system

Connect the water hoses to the condenser according to the counter-flow principle (Fig. 14).

Install the vacuum connections to the condenser, Woulff bottle, vacuum controller with valve and vacuum pump.

Always connect the vacuum hose to the condenser at the high-test point to minimise solvent losses during suctioning.

Use typical laboratory vacuum hoses with an inside diameter of 8 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm (see "Accessories").

Fig. 14

Description of special condensers
• RV 10.3 Vertical-intensive condenser with manifold

This vertical-intensive condenser features a double jacket design for

particularly efficient condensation.

AAlso available with coating (RV 10.30)

• RV 10.4 Dry ice condenser

Dry ice condenser for distilling low-boiling solvents.
Cooling by dry ice, no cooling water required. Maximum condensati-

on thanks to low temperatures.

Also available with coating (RV 10.40)
(Cannot be used in automatic mode for the RV10 control)

• RV 10.5 Vertical-condenser with manifold and cut-off valve for

reflux distillation

Also available with coating (RV 10.50)

• RV 10.6 Vertical-intensive condenser with manifold and cut-off

valve for reflux distillation

This vertical-intensive action condenser features a double jacket de-

sign for particularly efficient reflux distillation.

Also available with coating (RV 10.60)

Removing the condenser

Use the ring spanner provided to loosen union nuts that are tightly


Loosen the union nut by turning anticlockwise.

Remove the Velcro



Fig. 13

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