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Bria iPhone Edition User Guide


Account Advanced

To change these fields, you must first unregister the account.

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Out. Proxy

If your VoIP service provider has an outbound proxy and requires that you provide that
address to Bria, enter the domain name or the IP address obtained from your provider.

Auth Name

May not be required. But if it is required, it will be provided by your VoIP service

Global IP

• ON: Bria will publish its public IP address at the signaling level. The public address

may not work with some NATs or firewalls.

• OFF: Bria will publish its private IPs at the signaling level. Typically, you turn this

field off only if instructed to do so by your system administrator.

SIP Transport

Tap to display the choices. Contact your VoIP service provider to identify the types of
transport that are supported.

• UDP and TCP do not support signal encryption.

• TLS does support signal encryption. If TLS is selected, a given call will be encrypted

if the other person also uses TLS. You may also need to install a certificate on your
iPhone; speak to your VoIP service provider.

Encrypt Audio

If the transport is set to TLS, you can encrypt a phone call at the media (audio) level:

• Never: Audio is not encrypted.

• If Possible: On a given call, audio will be encrypted if the other person supports and

is also using audio encryption. If not, audio will not be encrypted.

• Always: Audio will always be encrypted. The call will fail if the other person cannot

accept encrypted calls.

SIP Registration Refresh - Interval in

The timer interval between Bria's attempts to register in order to refresh the account

This value is placed in the “Expires

header field of the SIP REGISTER message.

Change this value only if advised to do so by your VoIP service provider.