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Bria iPhone Edition User Guide


C Glossary

Bria call

A call made using the Bria screen. Compare to “native call”.


Dual-tone multi frequency. DTMF is the system that is used in interactive voice-
response menu systems such as the menu system for accessing voicemail messages.
The DTMF system allows the user to interact with the menu by pressing keys on a
dial pad or keyboard.

Home button

The button at the bottom of the iPhone or iPod touch.


Interactive Connectivity Establishment. A method for traversing a firewall.

IP address

A unique number that identifies a computer. Computers on a network use the IP
address communicate with each other.


Interactive Voice Response. IVRs use DTMF.


The audio portion of a call. Compare to


Native call

A call made using the phone service that comes with the iPhone. Does not apply to the
iPod touch or iPad.

Native phone service

The phone service that comes with the iPhone.


The information in a call that deals with establishing and controlling the connection,
and managing the network. The non-signaling portion of the call is the Media.


Session Initiation Protocol. The signaling protocol followed by Bria Professional for
handling phone calls.

SIP account

An account that provides the user the ability to make VoIP phone calls. The account
encapsulates the rules and functions the user can access.


Simple Traversal of UDP through a firewall or NAT.