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4.2 User Preferences

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Allow 3G Calls

• ON: When a Wi-Fi connection is not available, Bria will attempt to place calls using

the cellular data channel. Data charges with your mobile carrier will apply. If you turn
this setting on, we recommend you purchase the G.729 codec (page 28) because it
provides better audio quality on 3G calls.

• OFF: When a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you will not be able to place or

receive calls.

Keep Awake

• ON: If using UDP for transport (page 23).

• OFF: If using TCP or TLS for transport.

This setting lets you receive calls when Bria is running in background and your transport
is UDP. Turning this setting on decreases battery life. But if it is turned off, you will not
be able to receive calls if you are using UDP.

If you are using TCP or TLS, there is no need to turn this setting on.

Play Ringtone

ON to hear the ringtone.


ON to vibrate when you receive a call.

Contact Image

ON to display the contact image while receiving or making calls.


Set to the desired ringtone.

Custom Image

The image that appears when you are on a call.

Forward Calls

ON to send all incoming calls to a specific number. So long as Bria is enabled and
registered and Keep Awake (above) is ON, incoming calls will be forwarded to this
phone number.

To Number

The number to forward calls to, when Forward Calls is ON.