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Designing the Dial Plan

A dial plan has two parts:

A pattern that the phone number (the input) must match.

The modification to make if the input matches that pattern: removing a prefix, adding a prefix, or removing
one prefix and adding another one. Subsequence substitution is also supported.

Example 1

Match number: +1613x.

Remove Prefix: +1613

Add Prefix: 9

If the input starts with “+1613”, then remove the “+1613” then add “9” and dial the number. So +16135550012
is dialed as 95550012.

Example 2

Match number: [2-9]xxxxxxxxx

Add Prefix: 1

If the input is a 10-digit number starting with a number other than 1, then add “1” and dial the number. So
6045550012 is dialed as 16045550012.

The Pattern

The pattern can be made up of any combination of the following:

The Modification

The modification can add or remove characters.

With devices running on iOS4, the modification can be made up of digits, wildcards or symbols.

With other devices, the modification can be made up only of digits.



1 to 9

Any digit


A single wildcard

* # +

These symbols

[ ]

A collection that can include range. For example [6-9] means 6 7 8
9. Or [136-9] means 1 3 6 7 8 9.


Repeat the last element 0 or more times. For example, with the
pattern “12.” the following input will match:

1 (The “2” is repeated zero times)



1222 and so on