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Bria iPhone Edition User Guide


4.3 Advanced Settings

Top of Screen

Middle of the Screen

Bottom of the Screen

If you make changes to the fields identified by a †, you must tap the Apply Changes button at the
bottom of the screen or restart Bria.



Send DTMF using

The method used for DTMF, sent when you press a number key when dealing with an
auto attendant (such as “press 1 for customer service


Enter the value specified by your VoIP service provider.

Network Traversal Strategy

Tap to display the choices; see below.

Allow VPN

If you are using Bria with a VPN connection to your network, set this field to ON, to
force Bria to select the VPN network interface.

If you are not using a VPN, set to OFF.

Do not set this field to ON when you not using a VPN connection: the wrong network
interface may be selected, resulting in registration problems.


• ON (default): audio is not transmitted when no one is speaking. Turning this feature

on may reduce bandwidth usage.

• OFF: audio is transmitted when no one is speaking.


If desired, ask your VoIP service provider if QoS is supported. QoS (Quality of Service)
can allow your phone calls to be given a higher priority on the network.

Audio Codecs Selection

Tap to display more fields. See below.

Verbose Logging

Leave this setting OFF unless customer support instructs you to turn it ON in order to
troubleshoot a problem you are having on your computer. See page 29.

Send Log

Press the button to upload the current log to your provider.

Call Statistics

To show detailed information about the current/last call. For example, the number of
packets lost.