Setting up multiple accounts – CounterPath Bria iPhone Edition User Guide (Revision 2) User Manual

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Bria iPhone Edition User Guide


For complete settings information, see page 22.

Setting up Multiple Accounts

You can set up more than one account if, for example, you have service from two different VoIP service

Account Status



The account can be used for phone calls; see page 9.

The account is disabled. You can open the account and enable it; it will then automatically register.

Account is enabled but it is not registered.

To register, open the account and tap Register. See page 4 for troubleshooting tips.

If you do not want to use an account, you should disable it (rather than unregistering). If you leave the
account unregistered (instead of disabled) it will automatically register next time you start Bria, which may
not be desired behavior.


Set up the account in
the usual way

Tap. The Accounts
screen reappears

Both accounts are enabled
and registered

Account status