Intelix AVO-MIC-WP-F User Manual

Avo cat, Series, Specifications

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Specifications subject to change without notice.

Maximum Distance*

2,500 feet

Output Impedance

600 ohms, balanced


20 Hz to 20 kHz


500 V

Nominal Output Level

0 dBu - (+16 dBu pk)

Common Mode Rejection

Greater than 50 dB


24 VAC; system is powered on the receive end

Power Connector

DIN connector on receive balun

Unshielded Twisted Pair

Maximum capacitance: 20 pf/foot

Cabling Specifications

Impedance: 100 ohms @ 1 MHz

(24 gauge or lower solid

Attenuation: 6.6 dB/1000 ft. @ 1 MHz


Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 compatible

Audio Connectors

Receive unit: one (1) 3-pin screw terminal to one (1) RJ45

Send unit: one (1) female XLR to one (1) RJ45

Phantom Power


System Gain

0 to 60 dB

RJ45 Pinout

Audio: 1 & 2, pair 2
Power: 4 & 5, pair 1


Operating: 32 to 131 F (0 to 55 C)
Storage: -4 to 185 F (-20 to 85 C)
Humidity: up to 95%


Black plastic


Receive unit: 4.3” x 2.5” x 1.0”
Send unit: 4.0” x 1.4” x 1.7”

Shipping Weight

2.0 lbs (3.2 oz.)

Ordering Information

AVO-MIC-WP-F: includes send balun, receive balun, and power


2 years

* Distances and audio quality may be affected by cable grade, cable quality, source and

destination equipment, RF and electrical interference, and cable patches. Intelix
specifications are based on straight-through cabling with standard-grade Cat 5.

Intelix AVO-MIC-WP-F Microphone Balun Set
Installation Manual

Installation Manual

Installation Manual

Installation Manual

Installation Manual

The Intelix AVO-MIC-WP-F microphone balun set transmits a preamplified microphone
signal and phantom power up to 2,500 feet over standard structured cabling, such as
Cat 5. The AVO-MIC-WP-F balun set includes a decora-style wallplate send balun,
rack-mountable receive balun, and a power supply; the set is powered on the receive end.
The AVO-MIC-WP-F balun set is ideal for corporate A/V, churches, schools, auditoriums,
and almost any other situation involving microphone level audio signal distribution.

The Intelix

AvoCat Series of baluns is the ideal solution for sending audio and video over

structured cabling. When signal quality matters, choose Intelix.



To install an AVO-MIC-WP-F balun, perform the following steps:

1. Identify the pin configuration of the baluns. Two (2) twisted pairs are required:

one for audio and one for power. The pin configuration follows the EIA/TIA
568A/B standard. Please ensure that wiring is straight-through.

2. Connect the AVO-MIC-WP-F send balun to the audio output of the audio source

using an audio cable.

3. Connect the AVO-MIC-WP-F receive balun to the audio input of the audio

destination using an audio cable.

4. Complete the connection between the two baluns using standard twisted pair

cable, such as Cat 5. Verify the Cat 5 is terminated with RJ45 connectors on both
ends which conform to the EIA/TIA 568A or 568A crimp standards. Ensure that
there are no split pairs or taps.

5. Connect the included power supply to the wallplate send balun.
6. Power-on the audio equipment.
7. On the receive balun, EQ the balun pair by selecting the overal distance of the

system. Set the EQ switch to either less than or equal to 1,500 feet or greater than
1,500 feet.

8. On the send balun, select whether phantom power is engaged or not (phantom

power is on when the switch is down). Then adjust the overall system gain
between 0 and 60 dB.


Caution: Do not attempt to open the balun housing. There are no user-serviceable parts

inside the AVO-MIC-WP-F. Opening the unit will void your warranty.

Caution: Do not mount the balun over equipment ventilation openings. Covering the

openings may cause the equipment to overheat.

Caution: Do not connect the balun to a telecommunication outlet wired to

unrelated equipment. Making such a connection may damage the
equipment and/or balun. Please ensure all wiring is “straight-through.”

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