Intelix HD-TG User Manual

Hd-tg hdmi test generator operation guide

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HD-TG Operation Guide


HD-TG HDMI Test Generator Operation Guide

The Intelix HD-TG is an HDMI/DVI-D test generator designed to provide the ability to verify the proper operation of HDMI and
DVI-D display devices, such as monitors and projectors. The HD-TG allows any device with an HDMI input (or DVI-D with an
optional adapter cable) to be tested with various test signals. The HD-TG is designed to test embedded audio, both internally
and externally generated. In addition, the HD-TG tests HDCP functionality, allowing the user to verify proper operation of the
video, audio, and security functions of an HDMI display.


Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the test generator housing. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the unit.
Doing so will void your warranty.

Connecting the HD-TG to a Display Device

Connect the display device’s HDMI input to the output of
the HD-TG and connect the display device’s optical audio
output (if desired) to the HD-TG’s S/PDIF toslink input.

Operating the HD-TG HDMI Test Generator

The HD-TG can be operated from the front panel or the
included IR remote. The on screen display has a menu
that allows the operator to select the various test signals
and functions of the HD-TG. The IR remote has the same
functions as the front panel, plus direct access to many
functions in the menu. A line drawing of the remote can
be seen on the right. See page 2 for an explanation of
how to operate the HD-TG using the front panel controls.