MBT Lighting SC4PKG User Manual

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6. Troubleshooting

Following are a few common problems that may occur and suggestions as to how to solve


A. No light

1. Check the power on LED and fuse

2. Check the lamp if it is ok? (The lamp may turn off, when the unit is in blackout).

B. Not responding to DMX

1. Check red LED is on, if not, check DMX connectors, cables and linking correctly.

2. If the red LED is on and no response to the channel, check the dipswitch settings and

DMX polarity.

3. If you have intermittent DMX signal problems, check the pins on connectors or on PCB

of the unit or the previous one.

4. Try to use another DMX controller.

5. Check if the DMX cables run near or run alongside to high voltage cables that may

caused damage or interference to DMX interface circuit.

C. Some units don

’t respond to the controller

You may have a break in the DMX cabling. The unit receiving no DMX signal will begin

its own light show. Check the red LED for the response of the DMX signal.

D. No response to the sound

1. Check the unit that is not receiving DMX signal (red LED should be off)

2. Check the unit that is not set to display mode

3. Check microphone to see if it is good by tapping the microphone


1. General Instructions

2. Main Features

3. Lamp

4. DMX Linking & Controls

5. How To Control The Unit

A. By master/slave

preprogrammed function

B. By easy controller

C. By Colormix controller

D. By universal DMX controller

6. Troubleshooting

7. Fixture Cleaning