MBT Lighting SC4PKG User Manual

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C. By Colormix controller

By link the Colormix controler to the unit , you have to use 3 pin XLR cable and use 5

pin XLR cable between Colormix controller and Colormix foot controller.

Colormix Controller

A professional, user friendly DMX 4ch.controller for colorimixing.

Equipped with 9 different hold-color buttons for instant access of colors.

Comes with 32 spectrum mix colors, color fade, and 12 different chase patterns,

Providing the richest changing colors for the show.

Speed and dimmer adjustable for both color fade and chase.

Sound activated function is available.

Full on and Blackout functions .

Colormix Foot Controller

Colormix Foot controller is a extended controller of Colormix.

To be liked with Colormix. Add a switch to change the control between Colormix and

Colormix Foot Controller.

Mode i.) Blackout (LED on)

ii.) Hold Color(LED off)

iii.) Chase (LED blinking)-Stamp on the button over 2 seconds for chase

Up and Down buttons:To select the hold colors and chase patterns.

• Full on:Stamp the button for full on.

2. Main Features

Voltage:AC 120V 60 Hz

• Bulb: J Type 120V 300W

• 3 dichroic mirrors red, blue, and green or 4 dichroic mirrors red, yellow, blue, and


With lamp saving switch-off function. When the unit receives stand by signal from a

easy controller or an universal DMX controller, it will switch off the lamp extending the


’s lifetime.

Ÿ Easy door to bulb change lamp.

Ÿ Standard DMX-512 control and address. By DMX linking and XLR cable.

Ÿ This units can be linked together in a master/slave combination and run by built-in


Ÿ Compatible with easy controller or universal DMX controller.

Ÿ DMX signal / sound activation indication LED.

Ÿ Efficient axial fan cooling.

Dimension : 450 x 270 x 175mm

Weight: 7 kg



J Type 120V 300W

• Always switch off the mains supply and never handle the lamp or luminaire when

it is hot.

Do not touch the bulb with bare hands. If this does happen, clean the lamp with denatured

alcohol and wipe with a lint free cloth before installing.