Waters Delta-Pak High Pressure Insert HPLC Column User Manual

Care and use manual, Delta-pak high-pressure inert hplc column

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[ Care and Use ManUal ]


I. IntroductIon

a. Overview

Waters High Pressure Inert (HPI) HPLC columns are a metal free alternative
for both bio-chromatographic and ion-chromatographic applications. In this
advanced design, the sample contacts only polyetherether ketone (PEEK



and ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), two materials
which are widely accepted for their biocompatibility and inertness. The
chromatographic performance of these columns is essentially identical
to their metal counterparts with the added advantage of greater chemical

b. Delta-Pak Columns

The Delta-Pak


column packing material is an endcapped C


or C



phase. It is synthesized from 5 µm spherical silica particles having an aver-
age pore diameter of 100 Å or 300 Å. Delta-Pak

columns are ideal for the

analysis and purification of peptides and proteins.


I. IntroductIon

a. Overview

b. Delta-Pak Columns

II. InstallatIon

a. Installing the Column

b. Equilibration

III. MoBIle PHase and saMPle GuIdelInes

a. Solvent Compatibility

b. Mobile Phase Requirements

c. Sample Preparation and Filtration

IV. oPeratIon

a. Chromatography Guidelines

b. Efficiency Testing

c. Typical Column Backpressure and Eluent Viscosity
d. Column Temperature Limits

V. care and MaIntenance

a. Troubleshooting

b. Cleaning the Column

c. Storing the Column

VI. orderInG InforMatIon

delta-Pak HIGH-Pressure Inert HPlc coluMn