Gamo P-25 Blowback Tactical User Manual

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be certaIN that the pIstol Is Not loaded, the actIoN Is opeN, aNd the MuZZle Is poINted IN a

safe dIrectIoN. safe guN haNdlINg procedures Must be used at all tIMes.

To place the center of the reticle (red)
on the point of impact (orange), turn
the elevation turret counter-clockwise
to raise the point of impact. Then, turn
the windage turret counter-clockwise to
move the point to impact to the left.

how to replace the battery:

With a coin or screwdriver, unscrew the battery cap. Place the battery with the positive side up (+ symbol), then replace

the cap in the housing firmly to make sure that it is water-tight.

Duracell model DL2032, Sunrise model CR2032, Energizer model ECR2032.

Turn the switch on, turn the switch knob clockwise to increase the intensity of the reticle brightness, and counterclockwise

to decrease it.

6. battery replaceMeNt

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