Gamo P-25 Blowback Tactical User Manual

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• An unloaded, non-pressurized gun with an “ACTIVATED” safety is safest.
• Accidents happen fast, and accidentally injuring or killing someone is a terrible thing. Please shoot safety.
• Whenever you handle a GAMO pistol, make sure the safety is “ACTIVATED” and there is no ammunition in the


• Always use eye protection.
• Always use hearing protection.
• Think first, shoot second.
• Always point the gun in a safe direction. Never point your air pistol at people or animals even if it is not loaded.
• Always keep your fingers away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
• Always be certain of what is behind your target. Make sure your target does not conceal a person or some object

which could be harmed by the pellets.

• Do not shoot at targets which allow ricochets or deflections.
• Do not shoot into or at water.
• Never use drugs or alcohol while handling this product.
• The air pistol and pellets should be kept in separate and secured places.
• Do not walk, run, jump or climb when carrying a loaded air pistol. A loaded air pistol should never be carried inside a


• Never modify or alter your GAMO air pistol. Modification of the pistol may cause it to malfunction and tampering with

the gun may make it unsafe.

do Not braNdIsh or dIsplay thIs aIrguN IN publIc. It May coNfuse people aNd May be a crIMe.

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