Using the osd menu – Dell SP2008WFP Monitor User Manual

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Using the OSD Menu


Press the Menu button to open the OSD menu and display the main menu.


OSD menu / select

The Menu button is used to open and exit the on-screen display (OSD), and exit from menus and sub-menus. See

Using the OSD Menu


Down (-) and Up (+)

Use these buttons to adjust (decrease/increase ranges) items in the OSD menu.

Brightness Menu

Use this button to launch Brightness menu.

Auto Adjust

Use this button to activate automatic setup and adjustment. The following dialog appears on a black screen as the
monitor self-adjusts to the current input:

Auto Adjustment

button allows the monitor to self-adjust to the incoming video signal. After using Auto

Adjustment, you can further tune your monitor by using the Pixel Clock (Coarse), Phase (Fine) controls in the OSD.


Auto Adjust In Progress

NOTE: Auto Adjust does not occur if you press the button while there are no active video input signals or
attached cables.

Power Button and Indicator

Use the power button to turn the monitor on and off. 

The blue light indicates the monitor is on and fully functional. An amber light indicates power save mode.


NOTE: If you change the settings and then either proceed to another menu, or exit the OSD menu, the monitor automatically saves those 
changes. The changes are also saved if you change the settings and then wait for the OSD menu to disappear.

Main Menu for Auto Detect Analog (VGA) Input


Main Menu for Auto Detect Digital (DVI) Input