Bottom view, Side view – Dell SP2008WFP Monitor User Manual

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Bottom View

NOTE: You can use this connector only after you connect the USB cable to the computer and the USB upstream connector on the monitor.

Side View

1 VESA mounting holes (100mm) (Behind

attached base plate)

Use to mount the monitor.

2 Barcode serial number label

Refer to this label if you need to contact Dell for technical support.

3 Security lock slot

Use a security lock with the slot to help secure your monitor.

4 Dell Soundbar mounting brackets

Attach the optional Dell Soundbar.

5 Regulatory rating label

List the regulatory approvals.

6 Stand removal button

Press to release the stand.

7 Cable management hole

Help organize cables by placing them through the hole.

1 Power connector

Insert the power cable.

2 Dell Soundbar

power connector

Connect the power cord for the Soundbar (optional).

3 DVI connector

Connect your computer DVI cable.

4 VGA connector

Connect your computer VGA cable.

5 USB upstream


Connect the USB cable that came with your monitor to the monitor and the
computer. Once this cable is connected you can use the USB connectors on the side
and bottom of the monitor. 

6 USB connector

Connect your USB devices.